Indoor Cycling Class Schedule - Fall 2013

(Last updated 09-10-2014)


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Our exciting Indoor Cycling program is led by motivational and experienced Spinning(TM) certified instructors.  Your Indoor Cycling experience will include fun and energetic music, top notch instruction, great camaraderie in a group setting, and a very smooth ride on one of our thirty new Keiser M3 indoor bicycles. 

Our Keiser M3 indoor trainers utilize a preferential magnetic-resistance mechanism that make each and every ride smooth and enjoyable, for all types of bodies and abilities.  The Keiser M3 bicycles are equipped with cycling computers to provide you with real time data (and overall averages) of cadence (rpm), power (Watts), calories burned, heartrate, elapsed time, approximate distance and gearing. 

  • Strength

The strength training sessions involve steady, consistent pedaling using a higher gear. Strength rides promote muscular and cardiovascular development that will enable one to become a stronger and more efficient climber. (Heart rate training range: 75-85% of maximum heart rate.)

  • Interval

Interval training sessions emphasizes regular work efforts with recovery time between challenging terrain. (Heart rate training range: 65 - 92% of maximum heart rate.)

  • Race Day

A Race Day training session resembles a "time-trial" race against the clock on variable terrain. This Energy ride was created to give riders the opportunity to measure the progress of their fitness (Heart rate training range: 80 - 92% of maximum heart rate).

  • Endurance

An endurance training session trains the body to be more efficient at metabolizing fat. An Endurance training ride challenges the body physically and mentally as the rider adapts to holding a steady effort for extended periods. (Heart Rate Training Range: 65 - 75% of maximum heart rate.)