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Our personal training program is the heart of Apple Athletic Club. And it shows. Nowhere in Idaho will you find a larger, more educated staff devoted to ensuring that you reach your personal fitness, health, and body image goals. Whether you want to lose weight, train for an athletic event or simply be as fit and healthy as you can, we have the education, programming and equipment you need. It doesn’t matter if you wish to train by yourself or in a cozy group of 2 or 3, traditional/Pilates, Kettlebells, Sports Training, Competition Body Building or FitWall , we will find a way to meet your time and budgetary allowances. Being healthy and fit has never been so motivating, easy and fun as when you train with one of our 24 Certified Personal Trainers! Sign up for your exercise lessons today! Call (208) 529-8600 or email Robby at


Moses Kinikini
Moses Kinikini- ACE; Level II Trainer

Moses is a Tongan man who has grown up most of his life here in this great state of Idaho. Moses may look familiar to most people because he was a former contestant on the NBC's TV hit show "The Biggest Loser - Season 11" Shortly after losing 153 lbs.on the show, he became a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. Through this experience he has become a great motivator and trainer for all those looking to lose and maintain their weight. He will help you not only reach your goals, but to make lifestyle changes that you can continue where ever you may go.

Jenny Millan

Jenny Millan-B.S. Physical Education; Level II Trainer

Jenny grew up in a small town in Alaska where she was able to excel in sports and athletic programs. After graduating from Idaho State University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Education, she began teaching PE at the middle school level and has been a Personal Trainer since January of 2012. She specializes in weight loss and endurance athletics.

Tami Cole

Tami Cole-ACE; STOTT PILATES; Level II Trainer

Tami is a native to southeast Idaho and has been in the fitness industry since 1996. She is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor through the American Council on Exercise. Tami is also a certified STOTT PILATES instructor, trained in Mat and Reformer. She enjoys running, cycling, strength training, yoga, and all things fitness. If you need help with running your first marathon, losing those unwanted pounds, or anything in between, then Tami is the trainer for you!

Steve Gardner

Steve Gardner-ACE; B.S. Dietetics; Level IV Trainer

Steve has a Bachelors degree in Dietetics with a focus in the Health Sciences from Idaho State University.  He graduated in 2000.   He has worked for Apple since 2003 in various positions but in 2008 earned his Personal Trainer Certification from the American Council on Exercise.  Steve scored well on the nationally recognized certification and quickly joined the personal training staff.  Steve can help you improve your level of fitness, lose the unwanted pounds, or make your exercise sessions more productive.  Steve also coaches members through our Beyond Fitness Weight Management Classes and Ultimate Loser Weight Loss Challenge.

Elaine Lowrance

Elaine Lowrance-ACE; M.Ed. Adult Education; Level III Trainer

Elaine has been a certifies personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise since 1997 and has been certified as a group fitness instructor through A.C.E. since 1987.  Her additional certifications include Spinning, Group Power, and Zumba.  With over 25 years of exercise experience, Elaine specializes in weight management, resistance training and overall fitness.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve your body composition or to make a positive change to your general health, Elaine can design a program that will specifically meet your needs and make that goal a reality.

Diane Lutz

Diane Lutz-ACSM; M.A. Exercise Physiology; Level III Trainer

Diane comes to us from Colorado.  She holds a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education and a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology.  Her certification is from the American College of Sports Medicine as an Exercise Test Technologist.  She has worked with people of all ages and is looking forward to helping you meet your goals.

Lisa Morton

Lisa Morton-B.S.Exercise Kinesiology; STOTT PILATES; Level III Trainer

Lisa grew up near Fort Worth, TX and is a graduate of the University of North Texas with a Bachelor's degree in Excercise Kinesiology.  She was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and cheered from 2002-2007. She moved from Dallas to Idaho Falls in the summer of 2007.   Lisa has been with Apple Athletic Club since the spring of 2008 and specializes in overall fitness, epecially weight loss and management.   Whether it is losing those last few pounds, or needing a jump start to your exercise routine, Lisa can help you get the results you want.

Joel Peterson

Joel Peterson-ACE; Level V Trainer

"I worked on farms as a young man. I was fascinated by the way my body gained strength during the long hours of lifting and fast-paced schedule. It also fascinated me how the longer winter months of inactivity would negate my hard earned strength. I realized then that physical activity needed to be an ongoing endeavor. I began a weight-training program under the tutelage of a popular boxing coach, and began boxing for the PAL Club. I discovered that the training regime included many aspects of physical fitness, including strength and endurance training, flexibility and proper eating. I trained and fought hard for several years, until the program was discontinued. However, my love for physical fitness and good health was ingrained forever.

Today, at sixty-seven, I weight 200 lbs. at 10% body fat. I have researched for almost 40 years, the dorrect, safety and most effective methods of exercise. I have pursued an education in nutrition and anti-aging health and have applied it to both myself and my clients. Healthy living is the best prote3ction you will have against most diseases, both mild and fatal. And who wants to live a long life "feeble"?

I currently hold a National Personal Trainer certification from the American Council on Exercise. I have tgrained over 14,000 personal training sessions during my life, In addition, I hold certifications from International Sports Sciences Assoc. and LSCT and FitWall Vertical Training. In 2005, I received a certificate from the American Powerlifting Federation as a National Record Holder in the bench press.

I have a passion for helping others improve the quality of their lives. I specialize in strength and endurance training, weight management, Body Building and nutrition. You're never too young or old to start. You have only one body and one life. Live it to the fullest.

Brandon Reed
Brandon Reed-ACE; NSCA-C.S.C.S.; B.S. Health Education; Level V Trainer

Brandon is a native of Southeast Idaho.  He is a graduate of Idaho State University in Health Education and also played football for the Bengals while there.  Following graduation, he earned his personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise.  Brandon is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He specializes in weight-management and sport specific training.

Aaron Schow

Aaron Schow-ACE; NCSA-C.S.C.S.; STOTT PILATES®; B.S. Physical Educaton; Level VI Trainer

Aaron is a graduate of Idaho State University in physical education/fitness leadership.  He is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise, a strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and is dual certified in Pilates through Stott and Physical Mind.  Aaron has been personal training at Apple since 1998, and also is a professional bodybuilder.  He specializes in weight management, total body training, kettlebells, competition training and youth and adult sports specific training. CLICK HEREto watch Aaron talk about winning the 2013 NGA Pro bodybuilding competition.

Janet Service

Janet Service-ACE; Level V Trainer

Janet is originally from Weisbaden, Germany. Her family relocated often and she ended up in the U.S. graduating from I.S.U. with a degree in Journalism and a minor in Political Science. After exploring different occupations, Janet found her true passion to be total fitness. Janet is very knowledgeable in Human kinesiology, anatomy, and Physiology. Janet is ACE certified and specializes in Resistance training, Weight Management, and Endurance.


 Mike Taylor -ACE; M. Ed. Health Education; B.S. Health and Physical Education; Level IV Trainer



Josh Reeder-ACE; B.S. Health Education; Pursuing Master's Degree; Level III Trainer

Josh is a graduate of Idaho State University with a bachelor in Health Education and is currently a candidate to receive a Master in Public Health. He is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. Josh can help anyone reach their fitness goals and has trained a wide variety of clientele from those who are just beginning exercise to athletes training for competitions. He excels in training people who have special needs like injuries or chronic diseases that must be accommodated for in a fitness routine.


 Jeremy Hebard-Level III A.C.E Certified Personal Trainer

My journey began in 1987 when I began training in flexibility, resistance and cardio. Then, in 1990 I started my Martial Arts training as I wanted a form of Mind, Body & Spirit exercise. I am now an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Master Instructor in the Martial Arts with over 17,000 hours in instructing others. I enjoy working with people of all ages from four to 100 years old—I can help you succeed! A healthy lifestyle is possible; you just have to make the choice to put the work into your health with nutrition and exercise. As a Master of Discipline, I can show you the best way to become fit. I know first hand that there is no magic pill, internet short-cut, or other fad diet that will get you fit. I also instruct people with physical and mental challenges. Tai Chi/Shi ba Shi/qigong (Moving Meditation) is an excellent exercise for seniors, middle age, and young adults. It can assist with rehabilitation from injuries and/or improving actives of daily living such as balance & flexibility. Shi bas hi/qigong will also build tremendous martial art power. As your trainer and Master Instructor, I will guide and support you through successful behavior changes regardless of fitness level and customize a fitness routine just for you. With my skill set as an ACE Personal Trainer along with my Masters Degree in Discipline, I will not only motivate you to achieve your goals, but assist you in maintaining your successful new healthy lifestyle. Tell me your Goals! I will build your custom fitness plan!

Sandi Gordon

Sandi Gordon-ACE; Level III Trainer

Sandi Gordon moved to Idaho in December 2009 after 14 years of managing a health club in Fort Meyers, Florida. She also trained and worked in vascular laboratories for 10 years before earning her Personal Trainer Certification through the American Council on Exercise. She specializes in helping seniors live healthier and fitter lives, but can work with anyone wanting to improve fitness. Sandi loves the ocean and traveling with her husband, Ray.


Kosha Vucovich -

Kosha Vucovich has been with the Apple since 2008, actively participating in many of Apple's personal training programs- from one-on-one, to FitWall, to Kettlebells.  She earned her Personal Trainer Certification from the American Council on Exercise in 2013, jumpstarting her personal training career.  She has a passion for getting clients results and helping those with hectic schedules find time to exercise. Kosha is currently preparing for competition in Fitness Figure.  Her knowledge and perseverance gained there will crossover to help her clients, no matter their goals.


Susan Steffler -

The core of Susan's fitness philosophy, both as a competitive athlete and as a Stott Pilates instructor, is the belief that any physical activity, regardless of fitness level, should be enjoyed. Susan is not only a Level III Stott Pilates Instructor, she is also a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and an ACE Certified Personal trainer. Her multi-disciplinary training experience and education offer a unique benefit in helping individuals improve overall fitness


Apple's Personal Training Levels

Why they are important:

Apple employs six levels of personal trainers to meet your fitness needs and financial abilities.

Each level advances in experience, education, and performance criteria as determined by Apple management. The system recognizes those career-oriented trainers who have put forth the time, effort, and commitment it takes to be a world-class personal trainer.  In this day and age of weekend certifications and with no barrier to entry into the personal training field, this system ensures you'll have a quality professional to help you achieve your goals.

All levels of trainers are qualified to work with a variety of client goals and physical conditions.  Due to high demand on trainers, the level of trainer you work with may be dependent on the time of day you are available.

All trainers, regardless of level, hold either a 4-year Exercise Related Degree and/or one of Four Nationally-Recognized Personal Trainer Certificatons:

In addition, Apple Athleteic Club's 24 years of experience has allowed it to develop its own Master Training Regimen each personal trainer must pass.

Level I

-Apple's Personal Trainer Education Program completed

-Degree or certification pending

-Qualified to perform Fitness Consulting, New Member Services, Fitness & Metabolism Testing

Level II

-Certification and more than 250 paid client-hours or

-Degree and more than 100 paid client-hours

*Level II and above trainers are qualifed for all Level I duties and to conduct personal training sessions

Level III

-Certification and more than 2000 paid client-hours or

-Degree and more than 1000 paid client-hours

Level IV

-Certification and more than 6000 paid client-hours or

-Degree and more than 5000 paid client-hours

Level V

-Certification and more than 16,000 paid client-client hours or

-Degree and more than 14,000 paid client-hours

Level VI

-Certification and more than 23,000 paid client-hours

-Degree and more than 20,000 paid client-hours

Credits for trainers holding multiple certifications or advanced exercise-related degree

-NSCA C.S.C.S.; ACSM > HFI; and STOTT PILATES > Level I = 1500 client-hours

-NSCA & ACSM < CPT; STOTT PILATES < Apprentice; ACE; or NASM = 750 client-hours

-Masters Degree = 2000 hours