STOTT PILATES Class Description

Mat Work: This is a high level, fast-paced class conducted on the floor with mats. It helps students progress to more advanced levels of fitness by incorporating complicated and challenging exercises that require flexibility, strength and endurance.

This is a class conducted on the versatile STOTT PILATES® Reformer, a specialized piece of equipment that allows students to work pout using spring resistance. The class covers the basic principles of Pilates, allowing students to work at a comfortable pace to help build strength and flexibility.

Power Reformer: This power packed workout takes students through a warm up and a series of resistance exercises guaranteed to improve strength, endurance and flexibility.

Jump Board:
This class is an intense Pilates workout that focuses on interval training. It involves the STOTT PILATES® reformer to get your heart pumping and challenge your core. It includes several sets of cardiovascular endurance and integrates all the specific qualities and benefits of resistance training. It is a fun way to challenge your body and do something different.

Circuit: This class incorporates several pieces of STOTT PILATES® equipment and will focus on endurance, strength and agility. This is a perfect class for anyone up for a challenge and is sure to help increase your fitness level.

Drop-In: This program will educate you on the STOTT PILATES® method and equipment so that you can receive the full benefit of participating in all of our group classes. You will be working out on all of the equipment throughout the program so come ready to move and enjoy learning all the amazing things that STOTT PILATES® can offer you!

Unlimited: See our Unlimited STOTT PILATES® link for more information. (BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL for Unlimited STOTT PILATES expires Sept. 30, 2012 - click HERE for details!)

STOTT PILATES® Instructors and their Certification

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    • Nicki Thiel-STOTT PILATES® Level II Mat, Level I Reformer, Apprentice Cadillac, Chair, Barrel, and Injury and Special Populations

    • Annette Hayner-STOTT PILATES® Level II Mat; Level I Reformer, Apprentice Chair

    • Tami Cole-STOTT PILATES® Level II Mat, Apprentice Reformer and Chair

    • Aaron Schow-STOTT PILATES® Level II Mat; Level I Reformer

    • Susan Steffler-STOTT PILATES® Apprentice Mat/Reformer, Apprentice Rehab on Cadillac, Chair, and Barrel

    • Lisa Morton-STOTT PILATES® Apprentice Mat/Reformer

    • Patty Trujillo-STOTT PILATES® Apprentice Mat/Reformer