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Aaron Schow has been a Personal Trainer at Apple Athletic Club for 17 years and has been competing as a natural bodybuilder for 21 years. He is one of Apple's most accomplished personal trainers, logging 30,000 paid client hours. Fitness is not only his profession but his main hobby as well. Since 2002, Aaron has been a certified judge for the NGA, which gives him a unique perspective on what a competitor needs in order to be as successful.Aaron specializes in training, nutrition and posing for bodybuilders, figure, physique, bikini, and scholarship pageant athletes. He is considered by many as the premiere trainer in southeastern Idaho for physique/pageant competition. Training for competition is the best way to push yourself to the next level of development and conditioning of your physique. Aaron can customize a personal training program for you that takes into consideration your goals, time, and budget. Training for competition is the best way to push yourself to the next level of development and conditioning of your physique.

Read what our clients have to say about Apple Athletic Club's personal training and Aaron Schow:

For a complimentary consultation call Aaron today at (208) 529-8600 or email us by CLICKING HERE.

"First off let me say THANK YOU for being my awesome coach! I am very pleased with the results I got working with you and I have learned so much from your extensive knowledge/experience these 15 weeks. I know there is and always will be more to learn but I feel very lucky to have been able to have you for my coach. My husband and I are already gearing up to start my next contest prep for my fall show. I have gotten some feedback from a few judges and it really wasn’t any surprise what they said to work on and I am ready to go to the next level. I am planning on starting next Monday with 22 weeks to prepare and my hubby is very much on board with the whole process and I love that. He would like to see what kind of package you can give us for me to meet with you once a month for body comps, advice and feedback with my progress as well as posing as it gets closer. We are also hoping to be able to afford my trainer friend for 1 day a week to train my lower body with emphasis on glutes/hammies. I would love to meet and talk with you about things if possible and I think it would be even better to have my husband come as well since he will be working with me the most. I am so excited to get started and see what I can do this time around. Some of the photos aren’t the best angles for the posing out but better than nothing. I do love the front before and after pic since it shows the most progress, I can’t get over how tiny I am am how I thought I was in good shape when I started."

Kris Shaw

"Thank you Aaron for believing in me and helping me take my diet and training to the next level! I couldn't have done it without your help!"

Ryan Coronado NPC Bodybuilder

"Aaron has provided the training, knowledge and support I needed to achieve my goal to become a figure bodybuilding competitor and be in the best shape of my life. I am a personal trainer and Pilates instructor at the Apple and I understand the importance of proper training and guidance when perusing optimal health and fitness goals. Personal training provides a way to achieve health goals and life style change that would otherwise be very difficult to achieve on your own; as well as provide safety and guidance for proper form and body sculpting. When the time was right for me to perform the hard work of refining my nutrition and workouts, I knew Aaron was the trainer with the most experience and knowledge to guide and support me toward my goal. I completed my first competition in April 2012 and was awarded first place in all three categories of my competition. My new goal is to work toward pro status over the next year. Whether I reach my pro status or not, Aaron has already safely guided me in achieving the best shape and health I have ever attained in my life."

Susan Steffler

"When I first decided I wanted to enter a competition I had absolutely no idea where to start, but then I met Aaron Schow. With his wealth of knowledge and information he created a detailed plan specifically tailored for me, from the training and diet all the way to the contest preparation. There is no question in my mind that I would not have placed third in my very first completion without Aaron as my trainer. For anyone who wants to finally reach their physical goals, and has no time for the "trial and error" method, training with Aaron is the answer."

Alex Theriault

"I've been lifting weights, and going to the gym for as long as I can remember. About 6 or 7 years ago I decided to take it to a higher level and enter a body building show. I looked around Idaho Falls and found Aaron Schow at the Apple. I had no idea how to train at all. After meeting with Aaron I began to see tremendous gains. He even helped me win the Idaho State Champion in natural body building in 2007. Not only is Aaron the best trainer in Idaho Falls, he is also a good friend."

Allen Beck

Apple Personal Trainer, Kosha Vucovich, won 1st place in Novice Figure Competition in the NGA Figure, Physique, Bodybuilding, and Bikini show Saturday, March 29th, 2014 at Compass Academy in Idaho Falls.


She trained under another Apple Trainer, Aaron Schow. Good job Kosha and Aaron.


"I got into fitness after a big turning point in my life. I had literally never set foot in a gym before. So I just decided to start immediately. Bought some workout clothes and went to my local gym. I just started with lots of running. I would do crunches here and there and maybe a little weights. But the more I was at the gym the more I realized I wanted to push myself harder.

I started working with Aaron because I wanted to compete in a bikini competition. This new goal turned out to be the right mix of fear and motivation and it inspired me to work even harder to prepare for the show. Three months later I stood on stage in my first competition with a great sense of pride and accomplishment – very grateful to Aaron for all he had done to help me. I was eating healthy but wasn’t eating what I needed to for my goals. He has helped me so much with my diet and working with my body. Aaron designed a customized plan for me and assured me it would work. I dedicated myself completely to his diet and exercise routine. He has been so supportive throughout my competition training, or with whatever my goals are. Through him I have gained a huge amount of education about nutrition, exercise, and my body. But most importantly, I've gained a huge amount of self confidence. I couldn’t have done it without him. Staying on track for a healthy life is easy once you have healthy minded people who surround you and you honestly love it!"

- Malory Lambson

Over the last seven weeks I have had the opportunity to work with Aaron to prepare physically and mentally for the Miss Idaho Falls Pageant. Aaron instructed me with an eating plan that allowed me to monitor everything I ate. Working out twice a week with him and six days a week on my own got me in excellent physical condition and I have reached my goal weight as well as body fat percentage. I have lost nearly ten pounds and 5% body fat.


It was very difficult both physically and mentally to reach my goal but when I won the swmsuit competition it all of a sudden became very worth it. Not only did I gain confidence to model in a swimsuit but also I gained confidence in communicating with others and learned how important confidence is in presenting yourself to other people. I attribute a large portion of winning my Miss Idaho Falls 2005-2006 title to Aaron and the Apple Athletic Club. They've helped me become the BEST me."

- Hilary Walker, Miss Idaho Falls '05-'06 

"The last seven weeks of the summer of 2006, I had the opportunity to train at Apple Athletic Club, to prepare for the Miss Idaho Falls/Miss Southeastern Idaho Pageant. They helped me to achieve my goal of losing nearly ten pounds and 5% body fat. Through the great workouts they conducted and my own cardio workouts six days a week, and the guideance they provided for nutrition, I was able to feel confident not only in the swimsuit portion of the competition, but the entire pageant. Thanks to Apple and their trainers, I was able to perform to the best of my abilities and allow my personal confidence to grow.


Thank you for helping me achieve my dream of being crowned Miss Southeastern Idaho!"

- Sadie Quigley, Miss Southeastern Idaho '06


"Aaron has helped me get in the best shape of my life to prepare for Miss America 2013. I love his Kettlebell classes! It was a great way for me to get intense cardio excercise, while working every muscle on my body. Not only was it rewarding to see such rapid improvements in my strength, endurance, and physique, but Aaron mixed up the workouts in a creative way that made it fun at the same time. Going to Aaron’s Kettlebell classes twice a week boosted my metabolism to help me quickly build muscle and melt away fat to look my very best in a bikini on the Miss America stage! Thank you for helping me look and feel my absolute best!"

- 2012 Miss Idaho - Whitney Wood



"I have been body building for 12 years and a professional drug-free competitor for 10 years. At the age of 42, 2012 was my best year yet thanks to Aaron’s extensive knowledge of the sport and attention to detail. He knows every individual is different and each program needs to be customized. His approach is carefully researched and calculated. With his help, I was able to compete with some of the best drug-free body builders in the sport at the WNBF World Competition in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Since I live in Missoula, Montana, I am unable to train with Aaron in person as much as I would like. I appreciate his efforts to communicate long distance through photos, texting and phone calls. Working as a team, Aaron is very receptive to my input yet takes control when I needed him to. This takes a lot of pressure off me so I can just concentrate on training. As owner of Health Habits Personal Training and Massage, I have been in the fitness industry for 25 years. I chose Aaron as my personal trainer because he is experienced, professional and practices what he preaches. Personally, I learned Aaron is very modest, fun, respectful and helped me feel like I could accomplish anything! So whether your goal is to compete at the highest level or just be as fit and healthy as you can, make the investment in yourself and hire the best!"

Shauna Dutton, M.S.

"Aaron helped me put on ten pounds of muscle in six months by providing amazing diet and exercise guidelines. He also encouraged and coached me to my first bikini competition where I won first in my class as well as overall in my division. Thank you so much for everything!"

Casey Walsch

For a complimentary consultation call Aaron today at (208) 529-8600 or email us by CLICKING HERE.

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