Lap Swimming at Apple


No lap swimming during H2O Group Fitness classes or swim club. Lots of other times to choose from for lap swimming.


We offer lap swimming any time there is not a class or swim team taking place. Check group fitness/pool schedule for available times. This gives you many hours per day to lap swim. At times when you come to swim, there may be many people in the pool. You can always share lanes (we all learned it in kindergarten), or circle swim as explained on the wall in the pool area.


If there is an event scheduled that would cause the pool to be closed, Apple Athletic Club will post the notice of the event and time, at least 2 weeks in advance; on the Aquatic Bulletin Boards at the club.


Also, there are 3 lane ropes available to put into the pool. There are also hangers to attach the lane ropes, that makes for easy removal. Please be careful with the lane lines; they are heavy.


The lap pool is 20 yards long, it takes 44 laps to equal 1mile.

Our Shark's Swim Club meet is Friday, February 23 from 4:30pm to 7pm. The lap pool will be used exclusively for the meet during that time.

Lap Swimming Times

*Mon-Sat morning times are designated as lap swim/exercise only-no open swim (playing) in lap pool. In an effort to allow our lap swimmers more times to swim, lap swimmers can swim anytime there is not a class or swim club. Pick up a schedule of class & swim club times. Always check the information board and website, for closures, activities, special events or additional use.


Remember adult only time, Monday Wednesday Friday from 1-3pm. There is a class in both indoor pools from 1-2pm

Instructions for setting up and taking down lane lines- gently roll the line into the pool. The west side of the pool should be hooked first and then the east end to the carabineer. Turn the tensioner on the screw to tighten. The lines should be taunt. To extract the lane lines do the above in reverse order. Please attach lane lines to holder.


Circle swimming is just like driving, the swimmer swims on the right side and when they change directions; they swim on their right side again.



  • Saturday and Sunday the pools, saunas and steam rooms close 15 minutes prior to club closing.

  • The lap pool is 20 yards long, 44 laps equal a 1mile. Outdoor pool is 25 yards, 36 laps equal a mile.

  • The times listed on this sheet are open swim times, there will be other swimmers in the pools (recreational swimming). Except * AM times.

  • During the summer months, the outdoor pool can be used for lap swim except during classes, lessons and open swim time 1-4 Mon-Sat.

  • The Power Swim Training class is available for swimmers Mon-5am. It is a group swimming class with an instructor. Free to members!


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