Apple Athletic Club offers a variety of different Martial Art related classes such as Tai Chi / Qigong, Taekwondo and Women's Self Defense.

Anyone Can Learn Tai Chi/Qigong! Seniors, Gen Xers, Millenials, Kids, absoltely everyone! It's also a great practice for people with all types of disabilities.


All Taekwon Do students learn punches, blocks, and self-defense techniques, but kicks are the

Taekwon Do trademark.  The "art" of Taekwon Do is most evident in its prearranged patterns

called hyungs. A hyung is a set of offensive and defensive movements performed in a sequence

against multiple imaginary opponents. Hyungs help to develop balance, speed, focus, timing,

endurance, and power. For most students hyungs become a contest against the self and a way to strive for their personal best.

What our students have to say

“I love the women’s self-defense class!  My life has improved on many levels.  This class is great from just a fitness perspective.  I am stronger now than ever.  The techniques Jeremy teaches are useful and he always gives us real life perspective.  I feel far more prepared than I could have imagined.  In addition to the physical preparation for the worst-case scenario, the mental preparation has been just as important.  This is definitely NOT a weekend seminar; it’s a whole new way of seeing things.” - Amy Romriell

“We have raised our daughter to be an independent woman, who is aware of the world around her. She is sixteen years old and she travels alone quite often and will soon be attending college. So Jeremy’s self defense class was the next step in furthering Sarah’s independence. Jeremy has played an important role in assuring she is aware of the things that she might encounter while “living life.” He has been open, truthful, and thoughtful with the entire process. Jeremy has given Sarah the tools and confidence she will need to deal with the many situations she might encounter as she enters adulthood. We are extremely pleased with Jeremy’s teaching and what Sarah has learned. We would definitely recommend this class, you will not regret it!” - Mike and Leslie, parents of student Sarah

“I have really benefitted from Jeremy’s Tai Chi/Qi Gong class, both physically and mentally.  If I had to limit myself to one exercise discipline, Tai Chi would be it.” - Annelies Kull

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