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I have never had a problem with motivation and being a self-starter, however, I have always preferred group classes. Something about having company while you are being tortured helps to push oneself that much harder. Bored with my normal routine, I signed up for the ‘Hit the Beach’ challenge. I didn’t quite realize what I was signing up for, but I liked the 6-weeks of fitwall training (a group class that was something different), before/after measurements to monitor progress, and there was the chance for prizes! I enjoyed the atmosphere and of course the challenge. The fitwall workouts were rotated throughout the 6-weeks, constantly providing a challenging total body workout. Each trainer had their own styles that added variety throughout the week. The best part was my fellow class mates…sometimes not much is said but we all bonded through sweat, lack of oxygen, and the fact we survived each class together! - Jack Rainey


"I started coming to Apple Athletic Club five years ago. I started by joining the fun classes they have to offer. I always felt motivated when I was there. Then I joined a group of ladies, with Steve Gardener as our trainer, and we met twice a week where we were always challenged. I went from 16% body fat to 11% in a year. I was excited. I also found great friends from the gym to share my joy of running with and after four years of running I will be running the Boston Marathon 2014. Joining this club has changed my body, my life, and my confidence." - Alisa Horton

We have been coming to Idaho Falls for the last few years and each time we visit we workout at Apple Athletic Club. We are accustomed to having personal trainers at home in Toledo, Ohio so this year we signed up for 15 sessions of personal training in weight training and Stott Pilates. We were pleased with the expertise shown by both departments. They were very attentive, making sure that we were performing each exercise appropriately. They designed our program so that the exercises varied from session to session keeping it interesting and each exercise was weight and repetition appropriate for our age and level of development.  As one gets older, it becomes very important to maintain what we have and not become injured. Consequently personal training and the quality of one's trainers becomes more valuable. - Phil and Phyllis Conran

"Robby told me before I signed up for Ultimate Loser that if I put the work in, I should lose 22+ pounds of fat by the end of the 10 weeks...I lost 25.6 so I'm also an "ultimate believer!" I have a deep appreciation for Apple, the program, and Janet Service (my trainer) for helping obtain success in this area of my life" - Sarah Palmisco

"Don’t let the name fool you -  ‘Stroller Bootcamp’ may sound like a walk in the park, but these tough mommies don’t let their strollers slow them down one bit. It is a perfect blend of cardio and strength exercises in a group setting. I can bring my kids and still get a great workout. Not to mention, the invaluable lessons the kids learn about health by watching their moms exercise. I would not choose any other group fitness class; this is the best fit for my family."

 - Melissa Boyce


"I think yoga is an activity that benefits everyone who does it. The constant improvement that comes from practicing yoga is very motivating. Yoga at the Apple is great because there are several favulous instructors, all with their own special touch to the practice. One day you can do stretch and the next day you can focus on strength or balance. I feel that yoga has helped me stay mobile, strong and flexible and better able to enjoy my life."

- Shirley Gooden


"My name is Suzanne and my fiance invited me to an open house at Apple Athletic Club several years ago. Shortly after our marriage in Febuary 2005 I had to have my 5th, 5th lumbar section of my spine fused. Six months after the surgery my husband suggested I try the water aerobics at Apple. He added me to his membership and I've been attending water aerobics ever since. I enjoy it because of the low impact on my back and my knees which are bone on bone with arthritis. I've been able to keep my flexibility and muscle tone and I'm more able to be active because of it. We attend aquatic classes at least twice a week and Shawna is not only a fantastic water aerobic instructor, but she's also an awesome friend. I feel better than I have in over 40 years. I'm able to sit, bend over, walk, and move easily and I've gone from a size 24 to a size 18 in the last 8 years."


"Stroller Bootcamp is one of the best things that has happened in my life.  I started the class when my second baby was 6 months old.  After four months of coming to the class I shed off 14 pounds.  Now I've been taking the class for almost 2 years and still have a healthy weight and I've been building muscle and toning my body.  The best part of all is that you can exercise with your kids and get to know wonderful moms and babies.  Thank you Melissa and Sheandi for offering moms the opportunity to get in shape and be healthy."

-Laura Aquino


"I wanted you to know how impressed I have been with my daughter's pre school experience.  They are coming home singing songs, showing off their work and excited to return again.  I am increasingly grateful to the extra effort that their teachers seem to take each and every day for them to have a new, positive experience with learning.  The girls enjoy practicing what they learn on the ‘homework' that is sent home each week.  I am so grateful to have found a place where I can trust that my girls are being taught in a caring and fun filled environment where games and reading are the norm.  Please pass my praise to all the ladies who make my girls experience a positive one. Keep up the good work!"

-Brandi Newton


"I have been working with Joel Peterson for over 5 years and he is truly a professional in his field. Joel has helped me learn a great deal to help my overall health both in fitness training and nutritional health. I am a little different case, I have been pretty faithful in working out and my overall health has improved greatly because of that effort. I have been able to do things that in the past and continue to be able to do things that I would never have been able to do without the physical fitness training that I have been doing with Joel. I wish I could say that I have listened and applied everything that Joel has taught me over the years but unfortunately I am an example of you cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet. I tend to eat things that are not healthy and therefore I have not been able to achieve the weight loss I have desired. I tend to loose 20-30 pounds and then gain it back. This has been the trend I have been stuck in for the last several years. I know Joel gets frustrated with me but he is always supportive and each time I recommit he is always willing to recommit with me and ready to help. I will keep working and keep trying and I am grateful that I can depend on Joel to keep helping me along and my hope is that some day I will finally listen to the advice he is so willing to give and achieve the goals I have.

- Alma Stumpp


"Your pool instructor, Marcia Bailey, is incredibly talented, generous, and fun. I absolutely adore her and the class. If I could make it 3 times a week, I would be even better off than I am. I have lost 14 lbs. already in large part due to Marcie working us out safely but hard."

- Sophie Ainsworth


“How many of us have tried and failed to lose weight or maintain weight loss, and/or can’t quite master the right “formula” to make it happen?  No doubt, the answer is nearly everyone.  I have found the key to unlock the door, the answer to the mystery, the missing piece to the puzzle, the secret ingredient, the formula that works, is Women’s Only Weight-loss Program at Apple Athletic Club.”

- Sue Horner


“When I first started Apple’s Women’s Only Weight loss program, I really didn’t like the idea of tracking my calories.  I always thought I was eating
well.  An example was nuts.  Nuts are healthy, right?  So I’d keep them around for snacking.  Well they are healthy but I learned that I was taking
in hundreds of extra calories per day.  The more I tracked, the more I saw this happening with all of my eating.  I really started watching my portions and I started losing fat.  

At the beginning of Women's Only Weight Loss, Jenny had us fill out a questionnaire about our level of commitment.  Well I was motivated when I filled it out.  Later, when I was tempted to give up, I’d read what I wrote to myself and that would get me back on track.

The positive reinforcement from Jenny and the weekly weigh-ins helped build my momentum and I started feeling so much better and not
just physically.  Losing weight and getting control of my health was so good emotionally, even better than the strength and fitness.

I resigned for a second round of WOW, this time with Tami Cole.  Tami’s teaching me that my body can do so much more than my mind thinks— my body is truly stronger than my brain!  I can do it, I can go farther.  I’m now focusing on planning my meals and snacks so I never go hungry.  It’s helping me so much.

WOW was such an incredible experience for me.  I’m a 58 year-old grandmother and am in better condition than I was in my 30’s thanks
to WOW and Jenny and Tami.”

- Arantza Zabala


Congratulations to PJ Grimm on his fitness success at Apple! About a year ago PJ was involved in an automobile accident with a semi truck and had a severely broken ankle. Befor this accident PJ had an athletic 220 pounds frame and was an avid marathon runner, and because of his lack of ability to exercise and not the best food choices PJ gained about 50 pounds of extra body weight. Discouraged and depressed he sought out his former personal trainer, Aaron Schow. At this time PJ still was not able to walk so Aaron developed a fitness program to help him lose weight even while being injured. By cleaning up PJ's diet and adding circuit training into his program he was able to lose an amazing 30 pounds in 12 weeks while adding 10 additional pounds of lean muscle! PJ is only a few pounds away from his previous best weight, is now running again and has that sense of self confidence back that he used to have. PJ we are proud of you and your success! you are an awesome client and a good friend I know you will be great inspiration for others and show them that you can still hit your goals even when tragic setbacks come around.


"Personal training was well worth the investment and money I spent on myself. Aaron inspired me and motivated me to reach for my goals and showed me what I am capable of. My life has been forever changed for the better. Thank you!"

- Vicki Loper

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