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Because of the large number of memberships and variances in each membership type, we prefer to meet with you, discover exactly what are your needs and goals, show you our facility areas of interest and then design a membership plan that's perfectly matched to your needs and budget.
Call 529-8600 for details!



Apple proudly supports all the military service men and women and are grateful for your service and sacrifice.

In addition to our discounted membership program for immediate local family members of active military personnel, we also have a special membership offer for all primary members of deployed spouses. We started this program shortly after 911 realizing the hardship placed upon family members during these deployments. This membership is offered at no charge during the duration of the deployment.

For any questions regarding our military discount membership plans, please contact any of our membership coordinators for details. (208) 529-8600



This membership includes: all family members,  private upscale locker room (for one adult), separate private locker, showers and sauna. Special guest privileges apply and other amenities are included.  The annual renewal rate on a Gold Membership is typically ½ that of a regular family membership! There are a maximum of 50 women’s and 69 men’s Gold Memberships available at any one time.

Current Available:            

Women’s…………….( 3 )* Maximum (50)                                           

Men’s………………...( 0 )* Maximum (70) Call us today to get your name on the waiting list!

 *  Please call for exact availability as these can change daily!




This membership is a full privileged membership allowing full access to the club including over 500 group exercise classes per month at no extra charge.  Currently, one tanning session per week is included in this membership type.  Payment schedules include bi-weekly or paid in full options (which typically involve a discount plan).



This membership is a full privileged membership allowing a 25% discount for the spouse.  The payment options are the same as the Individual Membership above.



The perfect membership for a growing family! This membership is a full privileged membership for all family members (subject to the club’s children rules and regulations) with the same amenities and payment options as the Couple Membership.  In addition, children (21 and under) are added to the membership at a much lower, flat-rate structure.



This membership was designed specifically for all persons 60 years of age and older. We know you need an exercise plan.  We know you are retired (or almost) and we know you like to enjoy your leisure activities.  Consequently, we made this membership especially for you as it includes all the club’s full membership services and privileges but at a whopping 25% discount over our normal individual rates! Convenient payment options are same as above.



This membership is a full privileged membership that Apple offers through eligible “Medicare Advantage” plans.  If you are on one of the eligible plans, your membership is FREE! Special exercise and informational classes are offered through this program.  This is a perfect program for senior citizens starting an exercise program.



These memberships allow you to play tennis and participate in all tennis functions.* Persons or families have a choice of full club availabilities with all tennis access or just access to the tennis facility.  Our tennis director (Holger Nickel) or one of our membership coordinators would be happy to discuss all the advantages of both membership options. Payment options exist as above.

* Extra fees can apply.  Please consult the tennis director or membership coordinators for specifics.



These discounted memberships are designed for the full time high school or college student (6 credit hours or more).  As students experience the rigors of education and part time (sometimes full time!) employment, we have priced our student memberships to be extremely affordable. Membership dues are paid in bi-weekly installments.





These memberships are one half the price of our normally priced single memberships.  Other than restricted hours of use, this membership has all of the other privileges of a full membership.  Members have full access of the club starting late evenings and going through early mornings Monday through Saturday. The exceptions are Fridays and Sundays in which you have full hours access on those days.  Great value at half the price!  Dues are paid in bi-weekly installments or the memberships can be paid in full in advance.    



MONTH TO MONTH…..  This membership is designed for the person that may have the possibility moving in a few months but wants access of the latest in exercise and nutrition.  Also, this is the perfect membership for those individuals just starting an exercise program that have never belonged to a health club or gym before.  This membership has all normal privileges but can be upgraded to longer term memberships at any time without penalty. Dues are paid in bi-weekly installments.



We have many different ways of meeting your company’s fitness, weight loss and recreational needs. Special membership pricing is available and multiple programming options exist for you and your employees.  Please contact a membership coordinator to discuss options that are specific to your needs.  We look forward to helping your company get the most out of its employees! 


For current pricing, please call and schedule an appointment with one of our Membership Coordinators today!

Apple Athletic Club is proud to offer a wide variety of memberships and pricing structures to meet your fun and fitness requirements. No matter what your budget or workout style, we have a membership that's right for you!

Apple Athletic Club has friendly, knowledgable professional Membership Coordinators on staff to answer all of your membership questions; just call 529-8600 and ask for:


Ask our Coordinators about a FREE, NO OBLIGATION Club tour and trial membership to Apple Athletic Club.

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