STOTT PILATES® Class Descriptions and Training Options

BARRE Classes - Book a Class Now!

(Up to 16 Participants)

STOTT PILATES Instructors Rachel Barton and Tami Cole are offering this low impact, lean-muscle building workout that combines elements of Ballet and Pilates to give women the best “Pilates Body” possible.

First two classes are free for new Pilates clients. Learn More About Barre at Apple >

PRIVATE (One Participant) - Book A Class Now!

The best we have to offer! Personal Training with your choice of Apple Athletic Club’s world class Stott Pilates certified instructors. All exercises are designed to meet the client’s skill level, goals, and postural needs and schedule. PRIVATE TRAINING offers the most effective way to see and experience the results of Stott Pilates.

SEMI-PRIVATE (Two Participants) - Book a Class Now!

Add a friend to your Stott Pilates Personal Training experience! Whether you are trying to increase strength or decrease back pain, your personal instructor will guide you to your objective. SEMI PRIVATE TRAINING is a fun and effective way to meet your goals AND share the cost.


SMALL GROUP (3-8 participants) - Book a Class Now!

Essential, Intermediate, and Advanced Prenatal/Postnatal, Athletic Conditioning, Back Care, Rehab, Golf Conditioning, and MORE!Enjoy the power of group training! As much as possible, participants with similar skill levels and goals are grouped together. This allows an instructor to design exercises specifically for the group. Each client will have personal instruction and correction to ensure proper form.

Free Trial - Book Yours Today!

Learn the 5 Basic Principles of Stott Pilates. Even if you never attend another Pilates class, this class will teach you how to engage your core and neutral posture. These basics teach how to hold your body in the most shock absorbing posture decreasing injury and improving fitness and performance in and out of the Club.



Is just that, the Essentials to Pilates movement, building knowledge and strength from the ground up. Suitable for everyone! Each client needs to start with the Essentials to correct any muscle imbalances and improve mind/body awareness. Please schedule a Free Trial Class prior to attending this class.

Key Benefits

  • Achieve and maintain core stability

  • Balance muscular strength and flexibility in the arms and legs and around the joints

  • Move with greater ease




Stott Pilates Intermediate level workout adds more coordination and continues to guide you through strength building and muscle toning exercises. Please consult a Stott Pilates Instructor before joining this class.

Key Benefits

  • Explore a greater range of movement and flexibility

  • Increase Performance for more strength and a streamlined body

  • Boost Stamina




Advanced Stott Pilates will challenge even the most highly trained athlete. By increasing speed and maintaining fluidity, the intensity of this workout will strengthen the entire body. Clients MUST have Stott Pilates Instructor approval for this class.

Key Benefits

  • Increased coordination

  • Higher intensity exercise sequences

  • Whole body fitness


Have you wanted to try STOTT PILATES at Apple Athletic Club, but didn't know who to talk to, where to go, or what to do? Now is the time to check it out!


Call our STOTT PILATES director Robby Denning at (208) 529-8600 or email him now.

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