Swimming for Kids


The swim test is for Apple Athletic Club Members under the age of 14 who have parent approval and think they are water worthy to swim alone. Our certified aquatic staff administer the swim test, Monday through Saturday in the summer between 1 and 4 p.m. or pre-arranged times in the winter. The cost for the first attempt will be $5. Each attempt there after will be $3.50. Any questions or to arrange a time, call 529-8600 ext. 109.


The swim test consists of 1) Reading the pool rules posted on deck. 2) Reading the pool etiquette (posted below). 3) Swimming 40 yards (two lengths of the outdoor or indoor lap pool) a crawl stroke with breathing, and backstroke. 4) Tread water for two minutes unassisted. The aquatic staff is instructed to be strict, youth members must complete the test to specifications. This is for your children's safety we will not pass anyone we don't feel is able to swim without an adult member present.


Once the youth member has successfully completed the swim test it will be entered into the check-in computer. If they are going to swim they must request and will be given a wristband to wear while swimming. If a youth member is using the pool area without an adult member or without a wristband they will be asked to dress and wait for a parent. This is again for your child's safety. It is the responsiblity of the youth member to request a wristband if they will be swimming.


  • 6 years and under (CANNOT enter the hot tub ever!)

  • 7 years - 13 years (Can ONLY enter the hot tub when accompanied by someone 16 years or older)

  • 13 years and under but have NOT passed our swim test (Can use the pools and hot tub ONLY when accompanied by someone 16 years and older. 13 years and under that HAVE passed our swim test MUST BE WEARING A BLUE WRISTBAND and then they can use the pools and hot tub unaccompanied.)

  • 14 years and older Can swim without an adult and use the hot tub


Pool Etiquette for Swim Test
  • If I am going swimming I will request and wear my wristband.

  • I will follow the posted pool rules.

  • I will walk (not run) on deck.

  • I will not disturb classes or lessons that may be scheduled during my swim test.

  • I will obey adult only quiet time.

  • I will obey all guards and staff.

  • I will not dive in any of the three pools.

  • I will respect all other members and guests using the pools.

  • I will not play with the equipment in the locked bins.

  • I will be respectful to Apple Athletic Club staff and property.

  • I will not play or hang on lane ropes.

  • I will obey all hot tub posted rules. (Kids 6 years old and younger not allowed in the hot tub. Kids 7-14 years old be accompanied by an adult-by their side and only in the pink area.)

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