Apple offers Taekwondo Classes for all ages!

Kim's Traditional Military Taekwondo School - Taught by Master Jeremy

Private lessons by appointment. Family and group discounts available.

What you will experience

All Taekwon Do students learn punches, blocks, elbows, knees, palm, fingertips, joint locks, sweeps & throws, etc. but kicks are the Taekwon Do trademark.  The “art” of Taekwon Do is most evident in its prearranged patterns called hyungs. A hyung is a set of offensive and defensive movements performed in a sequence against multiple imaginary opponents. Hyungs help to develop balance, speed, focus, timing, endurance, and power.

In any sport such as football, soccer, wrestling, baseball, etc. differences in our size can be an issue. However, Taekwondo trains people of all shapes, sizes and ages together in the same lesson.  You will develop a healthy respect for each other and strengthen family and/or friendship bonds.

"Taekwon-Do has taught me how to defend myself.  The training from Master Hebard taught me how to generate an incredible amount of power with my kicks and punches.  The physical conditioning and discipline is extremely character building. Master Hebard is teaching me how to increase my confidence and Martial Art skills to a level I never knew was possible for a 46 year old." - John

Learn and Practice the FIVE TENANTS of Taekwondo

  • Courtesy

  • Integrity

  • Perseverance

  • Self-Control

  • Indomitable Spirit

If students practice these five tenets, they will become good role models and will always set an example for others to follow. In addition, they will exemplify the true philosophy of Taekwon Do, which is to become an honorable human being with perfect character and physical condition. Ultimately, Taekwon Do is about living, not fighting

Taekwon Do Class Days/Times:

"When my son started Taekwon-Do with Master Jeremy Hebard he was very insecure and very self conscious about his small build.  When anyone corrected him on anything he would cry and couldn’t concentrate at school.  He has been in Taekwon-Do for about a year and now his teachers have noticed a HUGE difference in his attention and his attitude.  He has confidence now and even jumped off a high dive this last weekend without blinking of an eye.  Thank You Master Jeremy." - Laurie

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