Brand Spankin' New Tanning & Red Light Therapy Equipment

Do you want to be pasty and pale this winter season or dark and toned? There is only one way to get that coveted dark look; TANNING! When you're tan you look more attractive. Everyone knows that. And for men, who are scared to tan because they think it's a "girl thing"? I can assure you, times have changed. It's now an appearance thing. It's a confidence thing. It's about looking your best. It's about being at the top of your game physically. The majority of bodybuilders, models male and female tan consistently. Why? Because tanning makes your muscle definition pop! It truly helps your muscles look bigger and more defined. So quit wasting your workouts on muscles no one can see! Get Tan, and show off your hard work. Why not look your best?


Tanning / Red light Therapy Pricing





Single Session - $7.50

Unlimited tanning is a bi-weekly charge of $7.50 (added to your contract)



Single Session of Red Light Therapy - $10

Package of up to 3 sessions per week is a bi-weekly charge of $10 (added to your contract)



Unlimited tanning AND Red Light Therapy (up to 3 times per week)

is a bi-weekly charge of $15 (added to your contract)





Cost of the current Guest Fee and $7.50



Cost of the current Guest Fee and $10


Please Note:

There will be a $3 fee assessed for those who do not cancel their Tanning or Red Light Therapy appointment at least 30 minutes in advance. All participants must have eyewear and show proof upon check in, or purchase new eyewear at that time. Must be 18 or older to use tanning beds.


Call Apple's member service desk at 529-8600 and schedule your appointment today!



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