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Apple employs six levels of personal trainers to meet your fitness needs and financial abilities.

Each level advances in experience, education, and performance criteria as determined by Apple management. The system recognizes those career-oriented trainers who have put forth the time, effort, and commitment it takes to be a World-Class Personal Trainer. In this day and age of weekend certifications and with no barrier to entry into the personal training field, this system ensures you'll have a quality professional to help you achieve your goals.

All levels of trainers are qualified to work with a variety of client goals and physical conditions. Due to high demand on trainers, the level of trainer you work with may be dependent on the time of day you are available.


All trainers, regardless of level, hold either a 4-year Exercise Related Degree and/or one of Four Nationally-Recognized Personal Trainer Certificatons:


The National Strength and Conditiong Association (NSCA)

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

The American Council on Exercise (ACE)

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)


In addition, Apple Athleteic Club's decades of experience has allowed it to develop its own Master Training Regimen each personal trainer must pass.



Apple's Personal Trainer Education Program completed


Degree or certification pending


Qualified to perform Fitness Consulting, New Member Services, Fitness & Metabolism Testing




Certification and more than 6000 paid client-hours or


Degree and more than 5000 paid client-hours




Certification and more than 250 paid client-hours or


Degree and more than 100 paid client-hours



Certification and more than 16,000 paid client-client hours or


Degree and more than 14,000 paid client-hours





Certification and more than 2000 paid client-hours or


Degree and more than 1000 paid client-hours





Certification and more than 23,000 paid client-hours


Degree and more than 20,000 paid client-hours



*Level II and above trainers are qualified for all Level I duties and to conduct personal training sessions.


Credits for trainers holding multiple certifications or advanced exercise-related degree

  • NSCA C.S.C.S.; ACSM > HFI; and STOTT PILATES > Level I = 1500 client-hours

  • NSCA & ACSM < CPT; STOTT PILATES < Apprentice; ACE; or NASM = 750 client-hours

  • Masters Degree = 2000 hours

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